Abstracts registration


Participants are requested to submit their summaries in Romanian (the Romanian letters are mandatory) and in English, using the following instructions:

General requirements:

  • The title shall be written in capital letters with 14p Times New Roman fonts.
  • In what concerns the name, only the first letter shall be written in capitals, the rest of the letters being written with common signs as in the following example: Marina Popescu
  • The text shall be edited using 12p Times New Roman fonts and the author’s name shall be underlined. Do not add other professional titles.
  • At the end of the article, please specify the name of the speaker, the institution, the phone number, the fax and the e-mail address.
  • The summary shall have the following structure: objective, method and materials, results and conclusions. 

  • The summary will not exceed 250 words (except the title and the name of the author).
  • Deadline – June 20th 2019!

After this date, the received summaries will not be taken into consideration.