Thursday, October 19th

Crowne Hall 1

09.00-09.30 Opening Ceremony

09.30-13.00 MasterClass: Cardio-renal-metabolic dysfunctions in 2017

Chairpersons: G. Mircescu, V. Cepoi

09.30-11.00 Patients with cardio-renal-metabolic risk

09.30-10.10 N. Hâncu, F. Mihălţan – Obesity and sleep apneea: Are there efficient solutions for chronic kidney disease patients?

10.10-10.15 Discussions

10.15-10.55 A. Schiller, D. Gaiţă – Arterial blood pressure on target: Which? Why? How?

10.55-11.00 Discussions

11.00-11.30 Coffee break

11.30-13.00  Patients with cardio-renal-metabolic impairment

11.30-12.10 D. Vinereanu, A. Covic – Chronic kidney disease and the approach to acute coronary syndrome

12.10-12.15 Discussions

12.15-12.55 C. Serafinceanu, E. Moţa – Does treating diabetes protects the kidney?

 12.55-13.00 Discussions

13.00-14.15 Break

14.15-15.40 Acute kidney injury and acute care in Nephrology

Chairpersons: A. Schiller, I. Kacso

14.15-14.40 O. Schiller – From acute to chronic kidney disease. A challenging story

14.40-15.05 L. Tuţă, I. Dumitru – The increased incidence of acute kidney injury in the Clostridium infection era and beyond!

15.05-15.30 A. Andronesi, G. Ismail – Acute kidney injury in oncology

15.30-15.40 D.A. Moteli*, A. Mihăescu, L. Marc, O.C. Iancu, F. Bob, F. Gădălean, O. Schiller, B. Adela, R. Timar, S. Velciov, G. Bozdog, B. Timar, A. Schiller – Contrast-induced acute kidney injury in centres frequently using high dose contrast media investigations

15.40-16.10 Coffee break

16.10-18.30 Controversies in Nephrology

Chairpersons: A. Covic, A. Niculae

16.10-16.30 C. David, I.A. Checheriţă – CKD-MBD-related coronary risk score for dialysis patients: A necessary tool?

16.30-16.50 E. Moţa – Chronic kidney disease and obesity

16.50-17.10 M. Penescu – Predicted decline in the antibiotic era and alternative solutions to the treatment of urinary tract infections

17.10-17.30 D. Moldovan – Renal disease in patients with neoplasia

17.30-17.50 I. Mititiuc – Tubulointerstitial nephritis with immune-allergic mechanism

17.50-18.10 M. Stroie – Immunosuppressive and immunomodulatory therapy in Chronic kidney disease

18.10-18.30 C.D. Ene – Tolerance to uremic toxicity: Risks and benefits

18.30 Welcome Cocktail – Foyer Hotel Crowne Plaza

Crowne Hall 2

09.45-13.00 Meet the Experts: Renal histopathology in nephrological practice

Chairpersons:  G. Ismail, C. Căpuşă

09.45-10.05 S. Leh – The essentials of light microscopy for evaluating kidney biopsy fragments

10.05-10.35 M. Gherghiceanu – The essentials of immunofluorescence and electron microscopy for evaluating kidney biopsy fragments

10.35-11.00 G. Ştefan – Integration of histopathological results into the nephrologic diagnosis

11.00-11.30 Coffee break

11.30-11.50 S. Leh – Quiz: Do you recognize the histopathological lesion?

11.50-12.25 B. Obrişcă, Conf. Dr. M. Gherghiceanu – Interactive clinical case report

12.25-13.00 R. Busuioc, Conf. Dr. M. Gherghiceanu – Interactive clinical case report

13.00-14.15  Break

14.15-15.40 Chronic kidney disease in stage G5: Therapeutic challenges and the state of play

Chairpersons: M. Penescu, M. Apetrii

14.15-14.40 Invasive procedures performed by nephrologists

14.40-14.55 F.N Gădălean, F. Pârv, A. Cheţa, I. Sporea, R. Timar, L. Petrică, S. Velciov, C. Gluhovschi, A. Mihăescu, F. Bob, B. Timar, A. Schiller – Assessment of renal function and risk factors for chronic kidney disease in patients with liver cirrhosis

14.55-15.05 L. Marc*, F. Gădălean, A Mihăescu, D Moteli, G. Bozdog,  F. Bob, S. Velciov, D. Mihăilescu, A. Mateş, O. Schiller, L. Petrică, A. Schiller – Referral to nephrologist, initiation of hemodialysis and care of advanced CKD patients in western Romania

15.05-15.20 C. Văduva, S. Popa, A. Mirescu, L. Stoica, N. Căprioara, E. Moţa – Benefit of early start of dialysis: Mith or reality?

15.20-15.40 L. Gârneaţă, G. Ştefan, G. Mircescu – The Romanian Renal Registry report

15.40-16.10 Coffee break

16.10-18.20 Advances in immunopathology and diagnosis of glomerulopathies

Chairpersons: D. Vlăduţiu, L. Voroneanu

16.10-16.35 G. Ismail, B. Obrişcă, R.A. Jurubiţă – Has the time for fixed immunosuppressive regimens come to an end: serology guided approach for the treatment of primary membranous nephropathy?

16.35-17.00 I. Kacso – Membranous glomerulopathy: Facts and perspectives – the experience of the Cluj center

17.10-17.25 L. Petrescu, S. Marcu, C. Florescu, S. Stancu – Staphylococcus-associated glomerulonephritis

17.25-17.40 S. Stancu, B. Boitan, A. Zugravu, G. Ştefan, G. Mircescu – Prognostic factors in IgA Nephropathy

17.40-17.55 L. Petrică, S. Ursoniu, F. Gădălean, A. Vlad, Gh. Gluhovschi, V. Dumitraşcu, D. Vlad, C. Gluhovschi, S. Velciov, F. Bob, P. Matusz, O. Milaş, A. Secara, A.Simulescu, R. Popescu – Urinary podocyte-associated mRNA levels correlate with proximal tubule dysfunction in early diabetic nephropathy of type 2 diabetes mellitus

17.55-18.10 B. Obrişcă, R.A. Jurubiţă, V. Berbecar, B. Sorohan, G. Ismail – Clinico-pathological correlations and renal outcome of patients with lupus nephritis

18.10-18.20 G. Ştefan, N. Pană*, S. Stancu, C. Florescu, G. Mircescu, C. Căpuşă – Biopsy-proven glomerulopathies in the elderly: Retrospective unicentric Study

18.30 Welcome Cocktail  (Foyer Hotel Crowne Plaza)

Orhideea Hall

16.15-17.00 Poster Viewing Session

Chairpersons: M. Onofriescu, I. Peride

J01. C. Pană, A.M. Stăniguţ, B. Cîmpineanu, D. Făşie, L.A. Tuţă – Acute kidney injury induced by sepsis

J02. D.R. Dragomir, A. Băisan, D. Ionescu, D. Dragoş – Acute kidney injury and subacute bacterial endocarditis in a patient with rheumatic mitral and aortic valve disease and aortic atheroma. A case report

J03. L. Rotaru, L. Groppa, B. Sasu, N. Catrangiu, M. Platon – Chronic glomerulonephrites: Clinical and evolutive characteristics

J04. A. Căpitănescu, G. Ştefan, A.D. Zugravu, S. Stancu, C. Florescu, E. Mandache, G. Mircescu – Renal prognosis of patients with focal and segmental glomerulosclerosis

J05. M.D. Tănăsescu, M.O. Comşa, A Mincă, M Frântu, A.C. Diaconescu, A.C. Boţocan, A. Limbău, S. Colomei, M. Palamar, D. Ionescu –  A very unusual presentation of Berger Disease. A case report

J06. S. Dumitrache, C. Florescu, M. Zarojanu – Monoclonal gammopathy with renal significance – light chains deposition disease. A case report

J07. A Campu, D. Maniu, S. Astilean, M. Focsan, F. Puskas, A.R. Potra, C.C. Rusu, D.T. Moldovan, I.M. Kacso – Plasmonic-microfluidic sensor for real-time on-site detection of ANCA antibodies

J08. D.C. Tirinescu, A. Danu, M. Vasile, I.M. Kacso – Saline solution versus heparin lock for haemodialysis catheters

NB – The posters will remain exposed from Thursday, October 19th,  14.30 to Saturday, October 21st,  at 13.30. While viewing by moderators, the works will be discussed with the authors in the order of the assigned numbers (approximately 5 minutes / poster).

Friday, October 20th

Crowne Hall 1

08.15-11.00 The complex treatment of Chronic kidney disease patient in stages 3G to 5G

Chairpersons: A. Schiller, I. Kacso

08.15-10.00 Chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular pathology

08.15-08.35 R. Darabont – Atherosclerotic renovascular disease: Updates on diagnosis and treatment

08.35-08.55 C.C. Rusu – Hormonal constellation and cardiovascular diseases in Chronic kidney disease

08.55-09.10 L. Voroneanu, S. Hogaş – Cardiac biomarkers in Chronic kidney disease

09.10-09.15  Discussions

09.15-09.30 C. C. Rusu, S. Răcăşan, I.M. Kacso, D. Moldovan, A.R. Potra, D. Tirinescu, A.L. Coman, C. Budurea, R. Orăşan, I.M. Paţiu, A. Danu – Ghrelin in chronic hemodialysis patients

09.30-09.45 E.E. Rusu, M. Roşca, A. Călin, S. Mihai, C. Tănase, D. Zilişteanu – Left atrial function in patients with chronic kidney disease: Results from RENART project

09.45-10.00 D. Zilişteanu, T. Atasie, M. Paler, A. Neatu – Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease associates with cardiovascular disease in chronic dialysis patients

10.00-11.00 Approach to the elderly patient with Chronic kidney disease

10.00-10.20 G.I. Prada – The Geriatrician’s point of view

10.20-10.40 M. Onofriescu – The aging kidney: Novel therapeutic options

10.40-10.45  Discussions

10.45-11.00 C. David, I. Peride, D. Rădulescu, A. Niculae, I.A. Checheriţă – Urinary tract infections in elderly men without obstructive uropathy: A retrospective observational study

 11.05-11.30 Coffee break

 11.30-13.35  Novelties in the therapeutic approach of the most common abnormalities associated with Chronic kidney disease

Chairpersons: A. Covic, E. Moţa

11.30-12.30 Calcimimetics in secondary hyperparathyroidism – Present and future. Unrestricted educational grant from AMGEN

11.30-12.00 E. Moţa – Mimpara: The art of controlling secondary hyperparathyroidism

12.00-12.30 A. Covic – Parsabiv: A treatment in your control

12.30-13.35 The treatment of renal anemia – Where do we stand? Unrestricted educational grant from VIFOR and Alvogen

12.30-12.45 G. Mircescu – The challenges and opportunities of old and new molecules in parenteral iron treatment

12.45-12.55 L. Gârneaţă – Iron treatment in Chronic kidney disease: An interactive approach to clinical practice

12.55-13.00 Discussions

13.00-13.15 L. Tuţă – Biosimilars in the treatment of renal anemia: Efficacy and therapeutic safety

13.15-13.35 A. Niculae, I.A. Checheriţă – HIF-stabilizers: Hopes and certainties in Chronic kidney disease-associated anemia 

 13.35-14.30 Lunch break

14.30-16.00 Current facts in mineral metabolism disorders in Chronic kidney disease

Chairpersons: C. Rusu, C. Căpuşă

14.30-14.55 G. Mircescu – New and old in addressing mineral and bone disorders associated with Chronic kidney disease

14.55-15.15  M. Apetrii, A. Covic – Lessons learned from Mineral and Bone Disorders in Chronic Kidney Disease: Implications for cardiovascular health and ageing in the general population

15.15-15.30 D. Moldovan, C.C. Rusu, A.R. Potra, I.M. Paţiu, M. Gherman-Căprioară, I.M. Kacso – Biomarker-i ai afectării osoase din Boala cronică de rinichi / Biomarkers of bone disease in Chronic kidney disease

15.30-15.40 A.M. Mehedinţi, C. Căpuşă, L. Viaşu, D. Dumitru, S. Stancu, G. Mircescu – Is fibroblastic growth factor 23 a predictor of arterial stiffness in non-dialysis chronic kidney disease patients?

15.40-15.50 Ş.C. Bîlha*, M.C. Ungureanu, D. Brănişteanu, A. Covic – Fibroblastic growth factor 23 beyond Chronic Kidney Disease: A novel predictor for low bone mass in women?

15.50-16.00 L. Gârneaţă, E.A. Mocanu*, A. Stancu, D. Dragomir, G. Ștefan, G. Mircescu – Ketoanalogue-supplemented vegetarian very-low protein diet in advanced chronic kidney disease: Effects on mineral and bone disorders

16.10-16.35 Coffee break

16.35-18.15 Kidney transplantation between nephrology and urology

Chairpersons: G. Ismail, D. Tacu

16.35-17.00 Ş. Constantinescu – A tale of kidney donors and kidney recipients: Balancing compatibility, donor risks and recipient expectations

17.00-17.25 I. Nistor – Obesity assessment in patients on the waiting list for renal transplantation

17.25-17.50 N. Leca – Novel options for Hepatitis C treatment in kidney transplant candidates

17.50-18.15 I. Sinescu, M. Hârza, C. Baston, C. Gîngu, I. Manea – 37 years of kidney transplantation in Carol Davila UMF

18.30-20.00 General Assembly of the Romanian Society of Nephrology

Crowne Hall 2

08.15-11.05 Therapeutic challanges in Chronic kidney disease

Chairpersons: L. Petrică, I.M. Paţiu

08.15-08.40 E. Moţa – Personalization of immunosuppressive and anti-hypertensive treatment in Chronic kidney disease

08.40-09.05 A. Covic – Hyperkalemia treatment: Update 2017

09.05-09.25  L. Tuţă, E. Dumitru, L. Alexandrescu – Interferon-free therapy in patients with Chronic kidney disease: Updates and perspectives

09.25-09.45 M. Penescu, O. Naidin – Novel therapeutic approaches in renal amyloidosis

09.45-10.05 L. Voroneanu, I. Nistor – Conservative care in elderly with Chronic kidney disease

10.05-10.15 B. Sorohan*, V. Berbecar, A. Andronesi, M. Paraschiv, B. Obrişcă, R. Jurubiţă, G. Ismail – Safety and efficiency of metformin in autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease patients: A pilot study

10.15-10.35 L. Florea – Uremic calcific arteriopathy

10.35-10.45 D.C. Tirinescu*, D.Ş. Vlăduţiu, I.M. Paţiu, C.C. Rusu, D.T. Moldovan, A.R. Potra, A.L. Coman, I.M. Kacso – Ultrasound evaluation and role of neointimal hyperplasia in arteriovenous fistula patency

10.45-11.05 I. Nistor, D. Siriopol – Glycemic control in dialysis patients: No target vs. new targets

11.05-11.30 Coffee break

11.30-13.30 Rare inherited diseases with kidney involvement

Chairpersons: M. Penescu, M. Gafencu

11.30-11.50 S. Hogaş, L. Voroneanu – Advances in the treatment of rare diseases

11.50-12.35 Fabry Disease

11.50-12.10 E. E. Rusu – Diagnosis and management of patients with Fabry nephropathy

12.10-12.20 L. Gârneaţă, I. Nicolae**, P. Luca, D. Dragomir, T. Simionescu, G. Mircescu – Fabry disease in a haemodialyzed and renal transplanted patient. A case report

12.20-12.35 E. E. Rusu, A. Gamala, R. Jurubiţă, M. Gherghiceanu, L. Ciobotaru, G. Ismail – Prognostic factors of renal disease progression in patients with Fabry disease

12.40-13.35 Tuberous sclerosis complex: An update (Session partially supported by Novartis)

Chairpersons: A. Covic, A. Andronesi

12.40-13.05 A. Covic – Tuberous sclerosis complex: A rare disease with kidney involvement

13.05-13.25 A. Andronesi, B. Sorohan, R. Jurubiţă, C. Robe, G. Ismail – Treatment with mTOR inhibitors for Tuberous sclerosis complex-associated renal angiomyolipoma

13.25-13.35 M. Ionescu**, M. Penescu, D. Hortopan, C.Verzan – Everolimus in the treament of giant renal angiomyolipoma associated with tuberous sclerosis. A case report

13.35-14.30 Lunch break

14.30-16.10 The vascular access for dialysis in the view of the Nephrologist

Chairpersons: L. Brătescu, I. Nistor

14.30-14.5 D. Vlăduţiu – Ultrasound to help the nephrologist

14.55-15.20 D.C. Tirinescu – Interventional treatment for the vascular access dysfunction

15.20-15.30 V. Vinereanu*, A. Niculae, I. Peride, D. Rădulescu, C. David, I.A. Checheriţă – The role of oxidative stress in arteriovenous fistula failure: A new marker for predicting vascular access patency 

15.30-15.40 O. Ştirbu, F. Gădălean, M.C. Ţandrău, I.V. Pîtea, Gh. Ciobanu, A. Schiller, N. Olariu – C-reactive protein as a prognostic risk factor for loss of arteriovenous fistula patency in hemodialysed patients

15.40-16.00 I.M. Paţiu – The catheter for haemodialysis: Radiological aspects

16.00-16.10 A. Băişan**, L. Damian, D.R. Dragomir, D. Ionescu, D. Dragoş – Lumbar spondylodiscitis with pre- and paraspinal abscesses, with severe medullar compression, and deep venous thrombosis: major complications of central venous catheter-related infection in a haemodialysis patient

16.10-16.35 Coffee break

16.35-18.00 Round Table – Nephrology Patient Surgery

Chairpersons: V. Strâmbu, C. David, O. Schiller

16.35-17.05 V. Georgescu, G. Orosan, C. Iorga – Principles of vein preservation in the patient with chronic kidney disease

17.05-17.35 V. Strâmbu, R. Petre, M. Brătucu – Updates in surgical treatment of secondary hyperparathyroidism

17.35-17.50 M. Apetrii, D. Siriopol – Impact of surgical parathyroidectomy on chronic kidney disease – mineral and bone disorder

17.50-18.00 F.A. Farkaş**, R. Isac, F. Jurca-Simina, S. Pantea, G. Doroş, M. Gafencu – The management of a pediatric patient with secondary hyperparathyroidism in posttransplant chronic kidney disease. A case report

Orhideea Hall

10.15-11.00 Poster Viewing Session

Chairpersons: S. Hogaş, D. Moldovan

V01. A. Ciuntu, N. Revenco, S. Beneş – Activity of γ-glutamyl transpeptidase (γ-gtp) in children with nephrotic syndrome

V02. A. Ciuntu, J. Bernic, V. Gavriluţa – Level of trace elements in blood serum in children with glomerulonephritis

V03. G. Ştefan, A. Halip, L. Petrescu, G. Mircescu – Prognostic factors for chronic kidney disease progression in patiens with diabetes mellitus

V04. A.L. Coman, C.C. Rusu, D. Moldovan, C.I. Bondor, D. Tirinescu, A.R. Potra, M. Ţicală, I.M. Kacso – Relationship of VEGF and sFlt1 with surrogate markers of atherosclerosis in patients with diabetic nephropathy

V05. C. Căpuşă, L.I. Torsin, A.M. Mehedinţi, L.Viaşu, I. Nicolae, G. Mircescu – Predictors of fibroblast growth factor 23 in Chronic kidney disease

V06. S.M. Velciov, A. Schiller, L. Petrică, F. Bob, C.A. Gluhovschi, F.N. Gădălean, Gh. Bozdog, A.C. Mateş – Characteristics of Chronic kidney disease in patients diagnosed with end-stage kidney disease, at renal replacement therapy initiation

V07. A.M. Stroie, I. Miler – Hemodialysis in cirrhotic patients

V08. L.O. Brătescu, D. Copăceanu, M.E. Gemene, C.G. Moga – Intra-abdominal cystic mass in hemodialysed patient with decompensated virus C cirrhosis. A case report

15.15-16.00 Poster Viewing Session

Chairpersons: A. Niculae, F. Bob

V09. L. Rotaru, L. Groppa, R. Pascal, R. Tatiana, C. Groza, V. Croitor – Chronic pielonephritis – comparative study male vs. female

V10. D. Dragoş, A. Diaconescu, A. Mincă, D. Ionescu – Two cardiac features of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (mitral valve prolapse and pericardial effusion) associated in the same patient. A case report

V11. C.D. Ene, O. Naidin, M. Penescu – Complications of autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease

V12. M. Ţicală, D.C. Tirinescu, D.T. Moldovan, C. C. Rusu, A.R. Potra, C.I. Bondor, A.L Coman, I.M. Kacso –Relationship between soluble vascular adhesion molecule (sVCAM-1) and arteriovenous fistula dysfunction

V13. L.O. Brătescu, S. Stancu, M.E. Gemene, C.G. Moga, D. Copăceanu – Thoracic paravertebral abscess and secondary meningitis in hemodialysed patient. A case report

V14. L.O. Brătescu, S. Stancu, M.E. Gemene, C.G. Moga, D. Copăceanu – Pulmonary and muscular septic metastases in hemodialysed patient using buttonhole technique. A case report

V15. O. Ailioaie, N. Arzouk, J. Tourret, B. Barrou – Interactions between immunosupressors and antiretrovirals in HIV-infected kidney transplant recipients

V16. M. Paţiu, C. Basarab, M. Marian, D. Dima, E.C. Selicean – Unexpected cause of pancytopenia in renal transplant recipient. A case report

V17. F. Şindrilaru, M. Penescu – Kaposi’s Sarcoma after kidney transplant. A case report

 NB – The posters will remain exposed from Thursday, October 19th,  14.30 to Saturday, October 21st,  at 13.30. While viewing by moderators, the works will be discussed with the authors in the order of the assigned numbers (approximately 5 minutes / poster).

 18.30 – 20.00/  General Assembly of the Romanian Society of Nephrology (Crowne 1 Hall)

Saturday, October 21st

Crowne Hall 1

08.30-11.00 Nutrition in Chronic kidney disease

Chairpersons: L. Petrică, G. Mircescu

08.30-09.00 A.T. Ikizler – Epidemiology and mechanisms of protein energy wasting. Prevention and treatment of PEW in maintenance dialysis patients

09.00-09.30 J.D. Kopple – Is there a role for dietary therapy for patients with advanced CKD (late stage 4 and 5)?

09.30-10.00 L. Gârneaţă – Protein-restricted diets in predialysis CKD patients – between efficacy and applicability in real life

10.00-10.30 A. Cupisti – Management of advanced Chronic kidney disease patients: The wind of Italy

10.30-11.00 G.B. Piccoli – The diet and haemodialysis dyad: Three eras, four open questions and four paradoxes

11.00-11.30 Coffee break

11.30-13.25 Advances in the fundamental research technologies – Applications in Nephrology

Chairpersons: C. Chatziantoniou, Ş. Constantinescu

11.30-11.55 H.P. Marti – Advances in the diagnosis and treatment of Fabry nephropathy

11.55-12.20 L. Petrică –  The role of microRNAs in the diagnosis and prognosis of diabetic chronic kidney disease

12.20-12.45 A.C. Lungu, C. Stoica, Z. Prohaszka – The complement in kidney disorders

12.45-13.05 F. Bob – From biomarker to therapy in Chronic kidney disease: A tale about Klotho?

13.05-13.25 M. Rusu – Immunohistochemical and structural anatomy of the kidney

Transilvania Hall

14.30-15.50 Diabetic kidney disease

Chairpersons: I.A. Checheriţă, L. Gârneaţă

14.30-14.55 E. Moţa – Diabetic Chronic kidney disease: Another course?

14.55-15.10 A.R. Potra, C.C. Rusu, D. Moldovan, C.I Bondor, D.C. Tirinescu, A.L. Coman, I.M. Kacso – Relationship between ACE2, podocyte injury and markers of endothelial dysfunction in early diabetic  kidney disease

15.10-15.25 F. Bob, I. Grosu, I. Sporea, R. Timar, D. Lighezan, A. Popescu, R. Sirli, R. Buzas, L. Petrică, M. Munteanu, A. Schiller – The relationship between renal tissue elasticity and arterial stiffness: A role for elastography in Chronic kidney disease

15.25-15.50 M. Penescu – Cardio-renal-metabolic interferences in Chronic kidney disease

Crowne Hall 2

08.30-10.55 Advances in the pathogenesis, diagnosis and management of the Chronic kidney disease progression

Chairpersons: H.P. Marti, L. Tuţă

08.30-08.55 A. Schiller – Chronic kidney disease progression: From progression factors and tubulointerstitial fibrosis

08.55-09.20 C. Chatziantoniou – Progression of Chronic kidney disease: New insights or the long road to therapy

09.20-09.45 I. Peride, D. Rădulescu, I.A Checheriţă – Value of ultrasound elastography of native kidney for early diagnosis of fibrosis in Chronic kidney disease

09.45-10.10 C. Căpuşă – Is RAAS blockade still useful for slowing Chronic kidney disease progression?

10.10-10.35 E. Moţa – New approaches to improve outcomes in diabetic chronic kidney disease

10.35-10.45 L. Gârneaţă, T. Simionescu*, A. Stancu, P. Luca, I. Nicolae, G. Mircescu – Impact of hypoproteic diet supplemented with ketoanalogues on severe proteinuria in patients with diabetic kidney disease

10.45-10.55 O. Popa*, A.M. Mehedinţi, D. Dumitru, M. Lipan, G. Mircescu, C. Căpuşă – Does the treatment of asymptomatic hyperuricemia influence the clinical outcome of non-dialysis chronic kidney disease patients?

11.00-11.30 Coffee break

11.30-13.35  Nephrological clinical cases discussed by young doctors

Chairpersons: E. Moţa, L. Gârneaţă

11.30-11.45 C. Aldea, A. Bizo, D. Delean, B. Bulata – Prenatal and postnatal management of urogenital disorders.  Prune-belly syndrom: Case report from general to particular

11.45-11.55 A. Căpitănescu**, A.C. Lungu, C. Stoica – Treatment of pediatric steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome

11.55-12.05 A.E. Marin**, A.C. Lungu, C. Stoica – Hepatic manifestations at the onset of systemic lupus erythematosus

12.05-12.15 L.O. Brătescu, M.E. Gemene**, C.G. Moga, A.D. Zugravu, D. Copăceanu – Acute axonal sensorimotor polyneuropathy in a hemodialysed patient with systemic lupus erythematosus

12.15-12.25 S. Marcu**, L. Petrescu, C. Florescu – Arterial hypertension is not always essential

12.25-12.35 I. Miler, M. Stroie – Membranous nephropathy which precedes neoplasia

12.35-12.45 A. Dinu**, M. Penescu, F. Pop, I. Strâmbu, D.G. Leonte, M.G. Hortopan, D. Hortopan, C. Verzan – IgG4-related disease and renal cell carcinoma in a 49-year-old patient

12.45-12.55 O. Ailioaie**, M. Zaidan, R. Matesan, M. Uzan, J-P Duong van Huyen, D. Jolly – Evolution under corticotherapy of a case of IgG4 nephropathy

12.55-13.05 M. Stroie, D. Rotariu**Acute pyelonephritis as source of severe sepsis

13.05-13.15 A. Ştîrbu, D. Coşcodan**, V. Şalaru – Infective endocarditis in the patient with hemodialysis: A challenge for the physician

13.15-13.25 D.R. Belea**, A. Sfârlea, D.C. Tirinescu, C.C. Rusu, D.S. Vlăduţiu, A. Bizo, M. Vasile, A. Danu, D. Pricop, S. Manole – Brown tumors in chronic hemodialysis patients with severe secondary hyperparathyroidism

13.25-13.35 C.D. Ene, O. Naidin**, M. Penescu – Chronic kidney disease after cardiac transplantation 

Orhideea Hall

12.30-13.15 Poster Viewing Session

Chairpersons: A. Andronesi, C. Văduva

S01. D. Rădulescu, I. Peride, C. David, A. Niculae, I.A. Checheriţă – Atherosclerotic renovascular hypertension. A case report

S02. T. Domuncu, G. Ştefan, R. Busuioc, G. Mircescu – Determinants of Chronic kidney disease progression in pregnancy

S03. A. Onofrei, V.D Miron, A. Coşoreanu – Updates on iron regulation in Chronic kidney disease

S04. D.S. Zilişteanu, A. Neatu, M. Dodot, T. Atasie – Chronic kidney disease awareness among the medical community

S05. D.S Zilişteanu, T. Atasie, M. Dodot, A. Neatu – Assessment of disease awareness among chronic kidney patients

S06. G. Ştefan, R. Miroşu, A. Zugravu, S. Stancu, E. Podgoreanu, G. Mircescu – Studiu retrospectiv privind motivele internării la pacienţii dializaţi

S07. D. Timofte, D. Munteanu, A. Mirescu, A.G. Măndiţa, A.C. Costea, D. Ciortea, E. Bodurian, E. Răilean, G.E. Voicu, I. Boca, L.O. Brătescu, P. Şodolescu, J. Hegbrant, B. Marrón – Routine use of decision making tools increases peritoneal dialysis choice and take on in an international setting

S08. D. Timofte, D. Munteanu, C.M. Văduva, D. Goşman, D. Moro, E.I. Răducan, E. Bodurian, E. Răilean, G.E. Voicu, M.E. Gemene, S.L. Medrihan, C. Mocanu, J. Hegbrant, B. Marrón – Peritoneal dialysis annual drop out in a large international setting

S09. D. Timofte, D. Munteanu, A.E. Streulea, C.M. Tite, C.G. Moga, D. Tarta, E. Bodurian, L.N. Stoica, M. Panţu, M. Radu, M. Popa, M. Niţu, J. Hegbrant, B. Marrón – Peritoneal dialysis annual drop out monitoring increases patient and technique survival

NB – The posters will remain exposed from Thursday, October 19th, 14.30 to Saturday, October 21st, at 13.15. While viewing by moderators, the works will be discussed with the authors in the order of the assigned numbers (approximately 5 minutes / poster).

13.15-14.30 Break

14.30-16.00 Prescription of drugs in patients with renal functional impairment

Chairpersons: D. Ionescu, D. Zilişteanu

14.30-14.55 G. Ismail – Treatment of myeloma cast nephropathy and renal functional decline

14.55-15.05 G. Ştefan, S. Pescaru, S. Stancu, C. Căpuşă, L. Gârneaţă, L. Petrescu, I. Andreiana, R. Busuioc, G. Mircescu – Polypharmacy in Chronic kidney disease

15.05-15.30 V. Bojincă – Treatment of osteoporosis in patients with Chronic kidney disease

15.30-15.50 C. Căpuşă – Vitamins and vascular calcifications in Chronic kidney disease

15.50-16.00 C. Căpuşă, L.I.Torsin, C. Chiriac*, D. Maria, D. Dumitru, E. Moţa, G. Mircescu –The impact of treatment with native vitamin D or selective vitamin D receptor activator on fibroblastic growth factor 23 in non-dialysis chronic kidney disease: A 6-month randomized controlled study

16.00-16.15 Awards and Closing Ceremony