**Presentation in the section „Case reports presented by young doctors”



12.10-12.20 L. Gârneaţă, I. Nicolae**, P. Luca, D. Dragomir, T. Simionescu, G. Mircescu – Fabry disease in a haemodialyzed and renal transplanted patient. A case report

13.25-13.35 M. Ionescu**, M. Penescu, D. Hortopan, C.Verzan – Everolimus in the treament of giant renal angiomyolipoma associated with tuberous sclerosis. A case report

16.00-16.10 A. Băişan**, L. Damian, D.R. Dragomir, D. Ionescu, D. Dragoş – Lumbar spondylodiscitis with pre- and paraspinal abscesses, with severe medullar compression, and deep venous thrombosis: major complications of central venous catheter-related infection in a haemodialysis patient

17.50-18.00   F.A. Farkaş**, R. Isac, F. Jurca-Simina, S. Pantea, G. Doroş, M. Gafencu – The management of a pediatric patient with secondary hyperparathyroidism in posttransplant chronic kidney disease. A case report




11.45-11.55 A. Căpitănescu**, A.C. Lungu, C. Stoica – Treatment of pediatric steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome

11.55-12.05 A.E. Marin**, A.C. Lungu, C. Stoica – Hepatic manifestations at the onset of systemic lupus erythematosus

12.05-12.15 L.O. Brătescu, M.E. Gemene**, C.G. Moga, A.D. Zugravu, D. Copăceanu – Acute axonal sensorimotor polyneuropathy in a hemodialysed patient with systemic lupus erythematosus

12.15-12.25 S. Marcu**, L. Petrescu, C. Florescu – Arterial hypertension is not always essential

12.35-12.45 A. Dinu**, M. Penescu, F. Pop, I. Strâmbu, D.G. Leonte, M.G. Hortopan, D. Hortopan, C. Verzan – IgG4-related disease and renal cell carcinoma in a 49-year-old patient

12.45-12.55 O. Ailioaie**, M. Zaidan, R. Matesan, M. Uzan, J-P Duong van Huyen, D. Jolly – Evolution under corticotherapy of a case of IgG4 nephropathy

12.55-13.05 M. Stroie, D. Rotariu** – Acute pyelonephritis as source of severe sepsis

13.05-13.15 A. Ştîrbu, D. Coşcodan**, V. Şalaru – Infective endocarditis in the patient with hemodialysis: A challenge for the physician

13.15-13.25 D.R. Belea**, A. Sfârlea, D.C. Tirinescu, C.C. Rusu, D.S. Vlăduţiu, A. Bizo, M. Vasile, A. Danu, D. Pricop, S. Manole – Brown tumors in chronic hemodialysis patients with severe secondary hyperparathyroidism

13.25-13.35 C.D. Ene**, O. Naidin, M. Penescu – Chronic kidney disease after cardiac transplantation